Featured Review on yoDIGIT.com

David Baron was a featured artist on the front page of indie music website yoDIGIT.com this week, where the editors wrote a featured review of David’s new EP entitled,

“Refreshing piano driven pop rock tunes emerge from passionate singer-songwriter David Baron.”

In the review, the editor of yoDIGIT.com writes,

“The refreshing piano driven pop rock tunes emerging from singer-songwriter David Baron have been gaining popularity, and this comes as no surprise given the high degree of passion David puts into his music. The Florida native musician writes songs that are uplifting, powerful, and have the ability to put listeners in a good mood. If you’re a fan of music from big league entertainers like Billy Joel, Ryan Adams, and Elton John, allow yourself the opportunity to listen to David Baron’s recordings. I’m quite confident saying you will not be disappointed.”

David joins artists such as Ra Ra Riot as a featured artist on the front page of yoDIGIT.com, an online music magazine that helps music lovers find new up-and-coming artists.

To read the full review click here: http://yodigit.com/rock/david-baron

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