David Baron NYC 2014

David Baron NYC 2014

A passionate singer, gifted pianist and insightful songwriter, David Baron has caught the ear of audiences across the globe with his soaring vocals, confessional lyrics, and powerful piano pop/rock sound.

David Baron has sold out numerous venues across the country as both a solo artist and lead singer of the Bryan Bros Band Featuring David Baron. After the release of his self-titled debut EP in the fall of 2008, Baron completed a nationwide tour that included opening slots for Jonas Brothers, David Archuleta, and Brandi Carlile, as well as headlining performances at notable venues such as Great American Music Hall and Slim’s (San Francisco), Mercury Lounge (New York), The Viper Room and Hotel Cafe (LA).

In between selling out shows across the U.S., Baron has toured internationally with the Bryan brothers (#1 world-ranked men’s doubles tennis team) as the lead singer of the Bryan Bros Band Featuring David Baron. Their debut album Let It Rip reached #12 on the New Releases – Pop charts on Amazon.com, and for his work with the Bryans, Baron has been featured in such media outlets as The New York Times, The New Yorker, 60 Minutes, CBS Early Show, and the Los Angeles Times.

A native of South Florida, Baron graduated from Stanford University and Columbia Law School. While at Stanford, Baron was the lead singer and songwriter of The Spins, a San Francisco-based rock group that won Best Music Video in San Francisco for the Baron-penned song “Tell Her Something”. Baron currently resides in Los Angeles.


David Baron has been featured in:
The New York Times
Los Angeles Times
The Washington Post
The New Yorker
ESPN The Magazine
The New York Times Magazine
CBS Early Show
FOX News
Tennis Channel
Metro International
L.A. Daily News

“David Baron’s music is awesome! I listen to it almost every morning.”
– Stell Patsiokas, Executive Vice President, XM/Sirius Satellite Radio

“Great stuff, I gotta say, tons of commercial potential indeed…I wouldn’t be surprised at all to see David breakthrough someday.”
– Aaron Axelsen, Music Director, LIVE 105 San Francisco

“I really love David’s pop sensibility and the hooks I’ve heard are great…I’m officially a fan!”
– Jayn, Music Director, Alice 97.3 San Francisco

“I was very impressed with David Baron’s piano playing and singing…he has a wide range, and his acoustic guitar playing was also superb! He’s a triple-threat! It was a treat to play with him, and I hope we can find ourselves on the same stage soon.”
– Domenick Allen, Lead singer of Foreigner

“The refreshing piano driven pop rock tunes emerging from singer-songwriter David Baron have been gaining popularity, and this comes as no suprise given the high degree of passion David puts into his music. The Florida native musician writes songs that are uplifting, powerful, and have the ability to put listeners in a good mood. If you’re a fan of music from big league entertainers like Billy Joel, Ryan Adams, and Elton John, allow yourself the opportunity to listen to David Baron’s recordings. I’m quite confident saying you will not be disappointed.”
– yoDIGIT.com, Featured Review

“We receive literally hundreds of CDs from emerging artists each week, and it’s rare to find one as developed and impressive as David Baron’s. We will begin airing him on our Unsigned Channel shortly, and I would be surprised if he remained ‘Unsigned’ for very long. David demonstrates a technical excellence balanced with a mature approach to song construction and attitude that are among the key foundations of successful music. We’ll be watching his growth as an artist carefully and with high hopes.”
– Lee Abrams, Chief Programming Officer, XM Satellite Radio

A Note From David

Hey stranger.

I’m David. Welcome to my website. Glad you could make it. Please, make yourself at home.

We probably have a lot in common, you and me.

I grew up in a small town in South Florida called Plantation, about 15 minutes from the beach. It was mostly dirtroads when I was younger, but now it’s home to what I believe is the biggest outlet mall in America. Not so great if you like horseback riding, but pretty fantastic if you like The Cheesecake Factory.

My brothers are 10 and 12 years older than me, so it’s pretty clear that I was an accident. My mom prefers the term “miracle,” and I must admit it has nicer ring to it than “mistake.” By the time I busted out, my folks thought they were done raising kids, so I was given the kind of freedoms enjoyed only by the youngest in the family. My brothers still burn with envy over my lack of a curfew.

Not that I gave my parents much reason to worry. Let’s face it, I was a pretty harmless kid—no drugs, random girls, or late-nights spent binge drinking. Even my one act of rebellion—dedicating a life to music—manifested itself in the most innocuous way imaginable. I could have been the tattooed punk rocker with a penchant for face piercing and tapered jeans; instead, I became the chubby piano-player who starred in all the high school musicals.

But then, for me, the music was always enough. It was never a choice, like should I wear jeans or cords, go to school in the northeast or out west, vote Democrat or Republican. Playing piano was the release, the only way I knew how to say what I needed to say when I couldn’t find the words. I was the kid who came home from school to sit at my parents’ baby grand for hours at a time, transcribing Dave Matthews riffs before trying amateur variations on Chopin’s Waltz in C-sharp Minor. I was in awe of how simple padded hammers colliding with steel strings could make you feel like nothing else mattered; that it was only you and your fingers and the ivory in the darkness.