Owl City – Fireflies

Owl City – Fireflies

Hey guys,

Really excited about this week’s video! I recorded the piano, guitar, and vocals each in 1 take, then Bob Bryan (yes, that Bob Bryan) edited all the video together. Huge thank you to Michelle Alvarez and Bob, who can now ad cameraman and film editor to his ridiculously awesome resume.

I think “Fireflies” is an uncommonly beautiful modern radio hit, and in my cover, I wanted to break down the song’s arrangements to show how the music and melody could shine on their own without any of the original version’s production flourishes (which are amazing in their own right, by the way). I’m psyched with how it came out, and think Bob’s really cool video edit does well to show how this cover was conceived.

Oh, and next week’s gonna be a doozy.

– David

“Fireflies” by Owl City
Performed by David Baron
Filmed and edited by Bob Bryan

Next week: “Bad Romance” by Lady Gaga

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