German Music Site Posts Glowing Review of David Baron EP

Since David Baron released his self-titled debut in Fall 2008, his songs have been reaching international audiences on TV, radio, in stadiums at sports events, and in stores across the globe.

Now, David has begun receiving international critical acclaim, as the German music site Roland’s World of Prog Music (prog-rock.info) makes an exception to its usual genre to post a glowing review of David’s self-titled EP.

In the review, Roland Leicht, editor of Roland’s World of Prog Music writes,

“Though it’s not Prog Rock, here is a CD that I just had to write about.  I got the tip to listen to David Baron from a girlfriend who met the California singer-songwriter during her holidays in the States and talked to him. The self-titled EP “David Baron” contains 6 songs in 24 minutes and the all the songs have won me over. If there would be any song to launch David Baron to the masses it would be the opener, “Love Is Just A Lie”. I am absolutely sure that this first single will be played again and again on the radio. Great, catchy melodies and Baron’s voice is beautiful. Goodbye to James Blunt and those other boys! The second song “Standing Still” also has potential to become a great hit. “Kids” and “Shadows On The Inside” are absolutely beautiful ballads. “Nothing To Fear” is the most rocking song on the album. And finally we hear “Say You”, again a song with a lot of feeling. It is amazing to me what talents are hidden in the music business just waiting to be discovered. I hope David Baron will make his breakthrough soon because it’s a shame to hear so much bullshit on the radio when there are great, undiscovered musicians out there. You can hear David Baron’s music on his website at www.DavidBaronMusic.com and on his Myspace page at www.myspace.com/DavidBaron. You have to listen to his music!”

To read the full review in its original German, visit http://prog-rock.info/neuerhauptframe.htm.

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