FYS #22: “21 Guns/The Scientist” by Green Day/Coldplay

Green Day – 21 Guns/Coldplay – The Scientist (David Baron Piano Cover)

I saw Green Day live with Franz Ferdinand this week, and I gotta say it was really an incredible rock show. Maybe the best I’ve ever seen. Loved that they pulled up close to a dozen people on stage over the course of the show to sing, play guitar, stage dive, and squirt Super Soakers at the crowd. Billy Joe Armstrong was in top form, screaming “Get your asses up outta those seats…this is a Green Day show!!!” the moment he walked on stage. The screaming never stopped either; it was as if he was beating the audience into submission while entertaining us.

One of the funnier lines Billy Joe yelled during his tirade against the crowd was, “Get your asses up!! This ain’t f-in’ Coldplay!!” Really Billy? You might have more in common with Chris Martin and the boys than you think. I made this video as a way to say to Billy, hey, you may not be Coldplay, but your songs can sure sound like them every once in a while.

– David

“21 Guns/The Scientist” by Green Day/Coldplay
Performed by David Baron

Friday YouTube Series #22

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