Bryan Bros Band feat. David Baron Live @ Arthur Ashe Kids Day pics and video

Bryan Bros Band feat. David Baron – Let Rip @ Arthur Ashe Kids Day

Hey guys,

We had such an amazing time playing on the main stage at Arthur Ashe Kids Day at the US Open this year! Our set was in between the Jonas Brothers and David Archuleta, in front of a sold-out 24,000 crowd in Arthur Ashe Stadium. I will never forget it! So much fun, so many thrills, and such a joy to play with Bob and Mike on our biggest stage yet.

For this show, we were so pumped to play once again with Counting Crows drummer Jim Bogios, and, for the first time, Novak Djokovic rapping his verse on “Autograph” live with us! The Joker did great, such a nice guy and so much fun to play on stage with him. He was making us crack up during rehearsals. (And on a side note, way to go Joker for beating Federer on the way to the finals of the US Open! That was one of the best matches ever.)

CBS aired “Autograph” on Sunday the day after the show, but we also got to play “Let It Rip” at the show, which was so much fun to rock out to in the sun on that incredible stage. Be sure to check out the video of “Let It Rip” above, as well as pics from the show below. It was a dream come true to play and sing in that stadium, thanks to everyone who came out to the show, and to all who tuned in to the CBS broadcast!

And a huge congrats to Bob for winning Mixed Doubles, and to Bob and Mike for winning their 3rd US Open championship 2 weeks after the show! Only made those 2 weeks all the more special.

See ya on the road,

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