Pitchfork.com reviews “Spending My Days” in ESPN The Magazine

In the September 21, 2009 issue of ESPN The Magazine, Pitchfork.com editor Rob Mitchum reviews the single “Spending My Days” off the forthcoming EP Let It Rip by Bryan Bros Band Featuring David Baron.

In the review, Mitchum writes,

“Finally, someone has the guts to write a song about the unbreakable bond between doubles partners–particularly twin brothers who like to celebrate victories with chest bumps.  Too bad the Bros’ song ‘Spending My Days’ addresses a nameless ‘girl’ instead of each other.  On their website (bobandmike.com), Mike and Bob posted endearing slapdash garage tunes performed with their dad on guitar (plus Andy Roddick rapping ‘Ice Ice Baby’), but this song, from their record with singer-songwriter David Baron, is strictly soft rock for the ladies.  Or ladies’ tour.”

Click below to see a full scan of the review in an article entitled “Tuning Pro”:

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